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How long is the life of a low nitrogen condensing boiler?

Little European chat technology - how long is the life of a low nitrogen condensing boiler?
HHi, Hello everyone, I am the mascot of Ou Kee efficient boiler. I haven't seen you for a long time. Recently, Xiao Ou is too busy. I don't have time to explain the professional heating knowledge. Xiaoou found it. The question that has recently been communicated more frequently with customers is how long is the life of a low-nitrogen condensing boiler? In fact, this question is not a way to explain clearly.
       This is related to the life of the boiler and its materials, design methods, usage, maintenance, and other factors. Xiaoou will discuss with you today:
The first is the material:
     The key factor to be noticed first in a condensing boiler is the material. Because in the combustion process of the boiler, substances such as SO2 are generated, and after being dissolved in the condensed water, an acidic substance such as H2SO4 is generated. Corrosive to the boiler.
    Condensing heat exchangers are mainly made of copper, silicon aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Among them, copper condensing heat exchangers are easily corroded. Can not meet the requirements of long-term use, even if the anti-corrosion coating is added, it can not prevent acid corrosion and has a limited life. The characteristics of other materials have also been discussed with everyone, and there is time to look through previous articles.
 Followed by design and use:
    Even for condensing heat exchangers of the same material, different design methods and usage methods will result in different boiler life. Separation of primary water and system water, heat protection, non-heating season protection measures, and anti-freezing and water shortage protection measures during the heating season.
Finally, the overall maintenance of the boiler:
    Low-nitrogen condensing boilers should also pay attention to the usual maintenance, such as the daily cleaning of metal fiber burners, the daily maintenance and maintenance of boiler water, the sanitary maintenance of boiler room and the cleaning of water. It is also an important factor affecting boiler life. aspect.
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