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Why do you need a heat exchanger for high quality boilers?

Hi, everyone, I am the mascot of Ou Kee efficient boiler Xiao Ou, I am very happy to meet with my friends. Many friends have mentioned a problem to Xiaoou: You Ou Ke efficient boiler, would rather not sell, do not agree What is the reason for not adding a heat exchanger? I heard that some manufacturers can not add heat exchangers. Is your product too fragile?


   Today, small Europe can discuss why high-quality boilers need to add heat exchangers.
 First of all, why do you want to add heat exchangers to high quality boilers?
 Ouke products, full premixed frequency conversion condensing series, imported silicon aluminum alloy material, the material is more expensive than the conventional steel boiler material, the casting process and structure is very complicated. If no heat exchanger is added, the silicon-aluminum alloy has anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties. However, the heating system is large and complicated, and mud, scale and corrosive substances are generated in the system after a long period of operation. Will accumulate agglomerates in complex furnace structures. Causes boiler efficiency to decrease. Even threatening the life of the boiler. What's more, long-term corrosion is likely to cause the boiler to "wear through" or contact with water and fire. Causes a safety hazard. A high-performance seal is required for the seal between the heat exchanger sheet and the sheet. And the assembly of the furnace body needs to grasp the factors such as stress and expansion coefficient. Although it can be dismantled and cleaned, it requires professional and professional equipment. The cost of post-maintenance for customers is also very large.
Secondly, why are there products from thermal manufacturers that do not have heat exchangers?


Part of the reason is the drive of interest, users are not affected by the concept that traditional boilers do not need to add heat exchangers, heat exchangers will cause boiler heat loss and more water pumps. I am not willing to accept heat exchange equipment. Some manufacturers propose a non-heat exchanger scheme to meet the customer's wishes for sales purposes.


Another reason is that silicon-aluminum alloy itself is a new application material. Many manufacturers don't know much about this material, and they have not gone through many years of market testing. Subjectively, it is considered that water quality can be solved as long as water treatment is added. Indeed, because the water quality hazard is not obvious at the beginning of installation and use. I can't see the problem in a short time, but after running for a long time? ? Xiaoou believes that this idea is irresponsible and very dangerous.
Finally, how much heat loss does the heat exchanger have on energy efficiency?
Many friends are also worried that there is heat loss after adding heat exchangers. There are indeed. But compared to the amount of energy saved by efficient operation of the product. The amount of loss is not enough. The Ou Ke full premixed frequency conversion condensing series products can save up to 40% energy compared with conventional boilers, but if the efficiency is reduced due to water quality and other reasons, energy efficiency is not achieved. Is the loss part much larger than the heat loss? Penny wise and pound-foolish. It is really one thing that is not worth the candle.
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