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Does the pre-mixed condensing boiler need maintenance?

        Hi, everyone, I am the mascot of Ou Kee High Efficiency Boiler, Xiao Ou, I am very happy to meet with my friends. Today, the company came to the boiler and the white customer asked if the small European boiler needs maintenance. I believe everyone still Do not understand this aspect, the following omniscient Xiaoou to explain to everyone that the full premixed frequency conversion condensing boiler needs maintenance?
        The full premixed condensing boiler belongs to the high-end products in the gas boiler. Since its products are up to 40% more energy-efficient than conventional gas boilers, the nitrogen oxide emissions are less than 30 mg/cubic, and have the advantages of frequency conversion, etc., it has become the supply of Chinese consumers. Hot first choice!
        The premixed condensing boiler was introduced to China in less than 10 years, and it was originally imported. However, the two imported boilers have two significant disadvantages: 1. The price is very high. 2. Because China's air cleanliness, gas composition, water quality and foreign countries are very different, the first imported premixed condensing boiler was introduced to China. After running for a period of time, the phenomenon of soil and water dissatisfaction appeared. After one or two years of operation, there were faults such as thermal efficiency decay and combustion head blockage!
        In recent years, the international famous brand full premixed condensing boiler main heat exchanger manufacturer has found a core partner such as Linyi Ouke in China, and introduced all the core technologies and supporting manufacturers of the full premixed condensing boiler to China to achieve full premixing. Condensing boilers are assembled and assembled in China, and the pre-mixed condensing boilers are precisely adjusted according to China's air, natural gas and water quality conditions. The fully pre-mixed condensing boilers produced and assembled in China are excellent in performance and reliable. Quality and high cost performance are widely trusted by Chinese consumers!
       The pre-mixed condensing boiler is a high-end product. Its performance in all aspects is good, but the requirements for the manufacturer's production adjustment technology, system installation design requirements, and post-maintenance technology are relatively high. If the technology is not in place, the product is difficult. Take advantage of its performance. It’s like you bought a big S600 sedan. If you use it as a Changhe van, it’s a tragedy...
Therefore, the purchase of a full pre-mixed condensing boiler is not only to conduct a field inspection to select a good manufacturer, but also to carry out reasonable maintenance under the technical guidance of the manufacturer, in order to wave the best state of the product! All manufacturers who do not need regular maintenance and maintenance do not understand or are irresponsible!
Ouke full premixed condensing boiler, the main heat exchanger is made of silicon-aluminum alloy material, super high thermal conductivity and extraordinary service life. More than 90% of the components are imported, the thermal efficiency is up to 109.1%, and the NOx emission is less than 30 mg/cubic. Welcome new and old customers to come to our company for field visits and exchanges!
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