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between frequency conversion performance and electronic proportional adjustment of forced discharge boiler

Hi, everyone, I am the mascot of Ou Kee efficient boiler Xiao Ou, I am very happy to meet with my friends. Recently, I asked Xiao Ou: "The frequency conversion performance of the Ouke full premixed condensing boiler and the forced exhaust boiler Is the electronic proportional adjustment a principle?" Xiaoou said the respective principles first.
Electronic proportional adjustment: traditional forced-discharge gas boilers are generally burned by external burners, which are generally adjusted in the following ways:
1. Single-stage fire: There is only one output power, and the operation mode is: high temperature shutdown, low temperature start.
2. Two-stage fire: There are two outputs of big fire and small fire. The operation mode is: high temperature stop, low temperature start, large and small fire conversion.
The above two methods use the closing and opening of the thermostat to control the start, stop, and large-scale fire conversion of the burner.
3. Electronic proportional adjustment: It can be understood as multi-stage fire. According to the boiler temperature sensor signal, the burner electronically adjusts to run at multiple points (about 8 points). This makes the work smoother than the two-stage fire, but there are also cases where the burning is not good when the points are switched.
Inverter adjustment of Ou Ke full premixed frequency conversion condensing boiler:
Ou Ke boiler can realize adaptive idling to 100% stepless frequency conversion to adjust the output load according to the actual working conditions, so as to achieve constant temperature output. The principle is to comprehensively control the function of the imported variable frequency fan according to the actual working condition change combined with the return water temperature and the outdoor temperature climate compensation system, and then the signal feedback adjusts the output ratio of the air and the gas. While achieving the frequency conversion adjustment of the boiler output load, the boiler thermal efficiency is kept unchanged.
In summary, the electronic proportional adjustment and the Ou Ke frequency conversion adjustment have similarities, but they are not the same principle.
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