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Brand story

There are such a group of people,
They insisted on studying 15 years in the field of thermal energy, rigorously pursuing the perfect details, and deeply analyzing the products of the world's major thermal brands.....
They advocate science and are more moved by the evolution of German manufacturing from weak to strong, so that they are self-reliant...
They were influenced by the Nobel Prize winner, American physicist Bet, from a young age, and even more convinced of his famous saying: Persevere, we will ....
They are even more convinced that the Chinese are equally intelligent and capable of designing and manufacturing the world's top thermal products, thus becoming a world brand....
They are the creators of the Okobet brand.
Ouke - represents the collection of cutting-edge technology in Europe;
Bate, a physicist who won the Nobel Prize, symbolizes the determination and persistence of adhering to science and persistence in exploring the true meaning.
At the beginning of Okobet's birth, it also faced a choice between profit and quality, but the Okobet did not choose to compromise on profit and pressure.
Always high standards require the quality of the product, and insist on it with a stubborn persistence. This stubbornness makes it difficult for dealers to understand.
But in the end, in the market test and customer feedback, let them deeply understand and highly agree with the kind of extreme and initial heart that Okobet insisted.
Since the creation of the brand and the introduction of the product to the market, Okobet has provided environmental improvement treatment solutions for enterprises and institutions in many cities, and has been widely recognized and praised by the industry.
Energy saving and emission reduction have a long way to go;
Engaged in this field, it is more in the modern era, and it is beneficial in the future;
The Okobeites are well versed in this principle and have always adhered to the core values ??of “not paying attention to the future and cherishing the name behind the body” in the process of brand development.
In order to create an "eco-fertile" and "green China", we will spare no effort to fulfill our mission, pragmatically innovate on the road of technological prosperity, and move forward.....
Company Name: Linyi Ouke Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
Address:Linyi Applied Science City, Building 5,
Longwan Accelerator, High-tech Zone, Linyi City
Tel: 0539-6110005